Stephen Duckworth


For many years I’ve run a web-based business called Digital Internet from my home in Manchester, England.

Through that business, I provide a web design/building service to small businesses, freelancers, website owners and bloggers that mainly live in the north west of England.

So, Manchester, Liverpool and anywhere in between and thereabouts.

In the past, I’ve provided a whole range of related services such as SEO, content writing, tech support and coaching. But in 2023, I’ve switched focus to providing one service to clients – web design – so I can use the rest of my time to build up my small portfolio of websites.

These websites are in various stages of development and typically generate income from display ads and by promoting affiliate products.

A couple of other projects I’m working on are Go Build A Website and WordPress Made Easy. These sites cover the topics of building websites/blogs and learning how to use WordPress. I’m hoping to one day sell both of these sites.

If you’re interested in connecting, you can do that via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Have a great day!